About us

Founded by Teck Tang, James Helton and Kenneth Young, the firm was incorporated in May of 1993 in the State of Tennessee and is based in Memphis. We are a multifaceted land surveying and civil engineering company providing professional services to an array of public and private clients in the Mid-South and carry professional registrations in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri.

Our philosophy as a business concern is to remain small, tight-knit and personal within the company and be professional with our clients. We actively seek to expand our capabilities within our discipline, not the number of offices. To stay relevant in this evolving and complex technological field, we encourage forward thinking and embrace today’s technology to enhance our work performances. Today, with a staff of about 20, consisting of engineers, designers, technicians and surveyors, we are able to achieve efficiencies and deliver uncompromising results.

Corporate Office:
1760 Moriah Woods Blvd., Suite 1
Memphis, Tennessee 38117
T: 901-362.3300 | F: 901-685.1912

THY wants to be your Project Teaming Partner. We are certified:

  • DBE by the Tennessee Uniform Certification Program (includes TDOT, MSCAA, MATA & MNAA)
  • DBE by MDOT
  • MBE, LSB and SBE by the Uniform Certification Agency
  • LOSB by the Shelby County Government